The Sony 70-300 G SSM (SuperSonic Motor) receives only the best praise from all who bought this lens. The G-series or Gold-series lenses are Sony’s offering of professional-grade telephoto lenses, and the Sony 70-300 G SSM continues the same brand of excellence that this class of professional-grade lenses offers. Although its price goes a bit on the expensive end (about $899.99), it is well worth the price, and more than makes up for whatever it costs. sony 55x75k

The focus ring action of this baby is ultra-smooth, as is the build and feel of the whole thing. It feels totally sleek and vogue. The lens is made of a metal and plastic combination with very tight tolerances. The fantastic detail of the images you get from the Sony 70-300 is one of the reasons so many photographers like it. Everything you shoot has sharpness to it, with well-defined colors. The Sony 70-300 G SSM telephoto zoom lens is a bright light lens, and is therefore not much use on low light and dark settings.

Product Details

The Sony 70-300 has a minimum to maximum focal length of 70 to 300 millimeters with a minimum focal range of 4 feet and a maximum aperture range of F/4.5 to 5.6. It has both a manual and auto-focus mode, with the SSM providing fast and silent auto-focusing. It has a.25 magnifying power with a minimum focus distance of 1.2m and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4. It has a 62mm non-rotating filter size and a snap-on, petal-shaped hood that comes supplied when you buy the lens. The lens contains an extra low dispersion glass for sharp imaging and 9 rounded aperture blades and 16 elements in 11 groups inc. 1xED elements. It weighs 760g and measure 83x136mm in dimension.


While it is not that light (weighing about a pound), it is also not that heavy of a carry for those who have been used to much heavier lenses; and when used in conjunction with the Sony A700 digital SLR, the balance feels just right. The great thing about the Sony 70-300 is that it is extremely silent, thanks to its supersonic wave motor. A great lens to use when shooting wildlife and other animals you don’t want to scare off. Bird watchers and bird lovers will surely love this lens! And with a very fast focusing motor, the Sony 70-300 feels just like a precision instrument – something all photography aficionados will appreciate!