The theme “Naughty and Nice” is a fabulous one for an adult birthday party. The girls can wear fancy dress costumes and the guys can dress up as devils. Or, if you dare to be different, the ladies can dress as devils and the men as angels, which will cause much hilarity. A guy could either dress as a female angel, with blonde wig, sparkly white or pink dress trimmed with lace or, alternatively, as the Angel Gabriel, and be a little more soberly attired. Many fancy dress stores supply outsize or “gender bender” costumes if necessary.

It is surprising how many different types of angel fancy dress costumes are available nowadays, with garments to fit all shapes and sizes and with the option of buying or hiring. Prices range widely, but are mostly very reasonable. Many towns and cities have a fancy dress shop and, of course, BONANZAJP it is also very easy to shop on the internet for angel fancy dress, if you cannot find what you want on the high street. If you are adventurous or creative enough to make your own angel fancy dress costume, you can adapt nightgowns or sheets as your costume and buy items from craft shops, such as stiff card or packs of feathers to stick on wings. Just make sure the feathers are glued securely, or you will be shedding them throughout the evening!

One of the most original and, in my opinion prettiest, angel fancy dress costumes that I have seen recently is a cute Cupid set, which consists of a short red satin dress trimmed with red fake fur and also includes a bow and arrow set with red feather wings. “Fallen” or “dark” angel outfits are very dramatic looking and are becoming increasingly popular to wear at parties. One dress that has particularly drawn my attention is a beautiful black crushed velvet creation with net sleeves and “marabou” feather trim at the collar and cuffs. This outfit would look great teamed with black feathered wings, black stockings and black sculptured horror nails. Another “fallen angel” outfit I have spotted on the internet is a one-piece dark angel fancy dress costume, which consists of a gathered “Spandex” mini tube dress with built-in petticoat. The great thing about dresses like these is their versatility, as they can be worn on their own for a night out, so you are getting excellent value for money.

If you want to dress as a “good” angel, you can look heavenly in a variety of white, pastel pink, gold or silver dresses, with matching wings and halos. An array of accessories, ranging from stockings and tights, to gloves, belts and sparkling body paint, will complement your angel fancy dress costume and ensure that you have a birthday party to remember.


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