The 2010 Easton bats are essentially the same models as in 2009. They have made a few wise modifications by adding stiff handle versions to their best selling bats. Last year their composite bats were called the Stealth/Synergy IMX this year they’re called the Stealth/Synergy Speed bats but they’re essentially the same bats. The minor modifications include a slightly lower swing weight and stiff handle option on their Stealth Speed two-piece bat compared to the 2009 Stealth IMX and a stiff handle version of the hybrid SV12. For 2010 they’re putting their marketing efforts behind the handle flex rating of their baseball bats. Each of their best selling bats are accompanied with a number, the higher the number on the bat the stiffer the handle. This continues Easton’s efforts to be the leader in communicating detailed information about their baseball bats. They tell us the handle flex rating, swingweight (MOI) and hitting area for all of their bats. This is extremely helpful in selecting a bat and makes me wonder why the other manufacturers ignore or gloss over it. Don’t forget to check out the My Bat Recommendations section for my recommendations on bats segmented by material and price.

Here’s Easton’s 2010 line-up: Easton Composite Bats

  • Easton Stealth Speed 75 and 95: 100% composite, two-piece end-loaded bat. The Speed 75 is the flex handle version that is essentially identical to the 2009 Stealth IMX, except that it is slightly less end-loaded this year (swing weight rating of 80 versus 90 in 2009). The Speed 95 is the new stiff handle version of this Easton bat design. It is exactly the same as the Speed 75 except it has a stiff handle. The handle is stiffer 토토사이트 than the Synergy Speed bat. Easton’s two-piece composite bats are by far the most popular composite bats on the market. Both the Stealth and Synergy Speed Adult -3 models retail for $399 a $20 increase from the 2009 models.
  • Easton Synergy Speed 90: 100% composite, one-piece end-loaded bat (80 rating) with a stiff handle (90 rating). This bat is identical to the 2009 Easton Synergy IMX. Eastonclaims this design provides increased balance and bat control through the hitting zone versus the Stealth model. The Synergy Speed 90 is aimed directly at the heart of Louisville’s one-piece, stiff handle philosophy. This design is far less popular than the Stealth Speed/IMX design. If you like this bat you should look for the 2009 model. It’s priced around $259 or $140 less than the identical 2010 model.

Easton Hybrid Bats

  • Easton SV12 65 and 90: Two-piece bat with a 100% composite handle, 100% alloy barrel and low swing weight rating of 70. The SV12 65 (yellow letters/handle) is identical to the 2009 model and has more handle flex than the Stealth Speed 75. The SV12 90 (red letters/handle) is a new stiff handle version of the SV12 bat. It has the same handle stiffness as the Synergy Speed 90. Once again Easton was wise to offer a stiff handle version of this bat. The stiff handle version was much more popular on teams swinging Easton bats in the 2009 College World Series than the flex handle model. I believe the stiff version will become a good seller for Easton. The Adult -3 models retail for $299 which is $50 less than last year’s price. If you like the flex handle option you can purchase the 2009 model (yellow barrel) for less money. It’s the same bat!

Easton Alloy Bats

  • Easton V12: One-piece, 100% alloy bat with the stiffest handle (100) and lowest swingweight (60) of any Easton bat. A solid choice for anyone who prefers an alloy bat with a stiff handle. The Adult -3 model retails for $199 which is a reasonable price.

Again, By far Easton does the best job of communicating detailed information about their bats making it easy to find an Easton bat with the characteristics you desire. Very, very smart marketing by the Easton people.